Golden Season Group is an innovative, contemporary clothing industry covering fashion brands with full services. From product and style offices Golden Season to directly managed production sites and manufactures in Italy and Asia. High quality, great markup, import/export decennial experience make Golden Season an effective partner to access markets worldwide.


Property brands





People of Shibuya (by Goodfellas Srl)


Commercial Management

Commercial distributions: Italy, Europe, World
Golden Season Group manages complex distributions in worldwide fashion markets. Starting with a spread presence over Italy and Europe the Distributions are quickly expanding through Asian and American markets. Clients, agents and distributors can count over dedicated fashion showrooms in Erbusco, the Italian headquarter, Milan, Shanghai and London.



Golden Season Group manages full serviced showrooms starting with the main one in the strategic site of Erbusco Franciacorta northern Italy, Milan, London and Shanghai.

Corporate showroom: via Bernina 1, 20158 Milan, Italy


Style & Product

Style support and coordination through GRT SRL, the Italian showroom and service hub situated in Erbusco (BS). GRT department provides a day to day liaison between stylists, private labels and factories.

GRT manages a comprehensive style department to assist internal and clients’ stylists in any activity, from moodboards and pattern books, to samples collection, complete trade fares and quality check over any production line.

Production capacity

China (per month)
210.000 pcs flat bottoms
70.000 pcs outwear

Cambodia (per month)
75.000 – 100.000 pcs flat bottoms

1.200.000 pcs bottoms – outerwear



Respectful, modern, flexible, quality production worldwide.
The story of Golden Season is that of a smart production mix located in Italy, China, Cambodia and Myanmar based on attention for quality and work conditions of employes. In strategic partnership with Asian Long Shining Group and Due Cotton LTD, Golden Season is writing a beautiful and innovative history full of respect, cultural integration and know-how enrichment.
Every production hub respects security and organization requirements. Lines of production are extremely flexible and can easily be adapted to clients’ needs.


Golden Season Srl
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